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Frequently Asked Questions

What is playBridge Hand Generator

playBridge Hand Generator is a computer program written and put on the Web for the enthusiasts of the game of Bridge. The program produces bridge hands that you can view on the screen or print. The generated hands may be completely random or you may select to put in your hand virtually any card you want. In this new version you may also save the generated hands for later viewing.

What do I use the generator for?

Practice bidding

This feature is similar to bidding contests published in many bridge publications. You print a page with North hands for yourself, South hands for your partner and bid them. Compare the contract you have reached against all four hands of each deal. Use it to practice your bidding agreements. Generate only no-trump hands, weak-two opening or any type of hand you want to practice. Note: playBridge does not provide any kind of bidding recommendations or scoring for contract reached.

Print forms for duplicate

If you want to play your duplicate event with computer dealt cards, this is a feature for you. N ot only will the program deal the cards for you but it will produce Traveling Score Sheets with the cards recorded on them. Players make the boards on the first round from the sheets.

Resolve what-if situations

Once you select a certain line of play, generate a series of similar boards and see how often would you succeed.

Visualize hands

Generate any hand you want and see what the other hands can have...

How Do I Generate Bridge Hands?

There are two screens that you can use: Set Criteria Generator allows you to set any parameters on any two hands, Pick Cards Generator . Both generators allow you to generate hands using the same output criteria but the way you specify the hand requirements are different. Note however, that if you go with default settings either screen will generate completely random hands.

What Output Formats are Available?

Once you generate a series o hands, they will display on the page for your review. You may select which boards to print and in what format. Formats to choose are: List, Bidding Practice and Duplicate Forms. Feel free to experiment, as you can view the formated hands without actually sending them to the printer.

Can I Save My Hands?

Yes! To save your hands just select which ones you would like to save and press Save Boards button. You will be given a key (code) so you can retrieve the boards in the future. Remember to save the code so you can retrieve the boards later. Note: You may write a short note with each board. The notes will be saved as well.

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